French Course Via Skype

Learn french online via Skype with a qualified private teacher



Have you ever dreamed of speaking French fluently and being able to speak confidently with native French speakers? 

Why not consider taking a French course online via Skype with a native teacher. Learning French online with Skype is a flexible and effective way to take French lessons. 

To take a French course on Skype is simple. You just need to have a Skype account and to download the software. Then, you can interact very easily with your French teacher in real time. This technology enables us to share files and multimedia documents in French. 

We can work together to improve your oral and written skills in a unique personalized way. You can schedule your French courses online when it is convenient for you. Our online courses will allow you to study French at your own pace from anywhere in the world. 



How can you take French lessons via Skype ? How does it work ?

First, during a one-hour complimentary interview, you discuss your needs and goals with your teacher using the video call function Skype . The teacher assesses your current level of French according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. During this first interview, you are welcome to explain to the teacher what your goals and specific needs are. For example, you may have to prepare for an official examination, an interview for a position in a francophone country, you may be relocating to France or a francophone country because you have bought a house or found a job there, among the many other reasons why you might need to speak and use the French language.

Whatever the reason may be, your private teacher is specifically trained and highly qualified to meet these different needs and goals.

After defining your needs and specific goals, the teacher will explain the teaching methods needed to achieve those goals and will ask you questions to better understand your background and experience of the French language and your learning profile. Thus, your French teacher will offer you a curriculum suited to your needs and expectations.

Once you and your teacher have agreed on the goals and curriculum of the French course, you can book exactly the number of lessons that you want and also book a first lesson that suits your schedule. An invoice will be sent to you for the number of lessons you have booked and you will be able to pay by bank transfer or Paypal before starting the first lesson.

If your potential teacher doesn’t meet your expectations during the first interview, you are under no obligation to have any further lessons.



10 benefits of taking online French lessons on Skype with a highly qualified and experienced teacher

01. Flexibility

There is no commitment to a long time period if you do not want to be tied to a contract. You can book exactly the number of lessons you really need according to your goals. Online teaching also allows you to have your lessons anywhere in the world. Moreover, if you cannot attend a booked lesson, it can be rescheduled at no additional cost, subject to certain conditions.

02. An effective way to take French lessons. No wasting time and money

You can focus only on what you need to reinforce and study in order to quickly improve your level of fluency in French and achieve your goals. You can intensively practice French as the teacher's attention is exclusively focused on you.

03. A tailored course and personalized lessons to meet your specific goals

During the first complimentary meeting, you can discuss your needs, goals and priorities with the teacher who will adapt her teaching method and teaching materials to your specific needs and build lessons and interactive exercises designed with learning apps or other tools that match your goals.

04. Reinforce your confidence in your abilities and strengths while using the French language

The teacher will design a specific course that meets your needs and allows you to intensively practise French, enabling you to make quick progress and build your confidence while talking and writing in French. Your private teacher will also give you one-to-one encouragement and support throughout the learning process.

05. Receive detailed explanations appropriate to your level and get answers to your questions about every aspect of the French language

If you have already learned French in a language school, at university or in another location, you may have encountered some difficulties that you could not overcome because at that time, you didn't have a private teacher available to answer your specific questions about the French language. Your private teacher on Skype will always find a way to provide you with clear explanations that help you understand the most difficult points of the French language.

06. Define your priorities so that you can quickly achieve your goals

You do not really know what your priorities are because learning French is a huge task. Don't worry about that. Your teacher will design a personalized curriculum suited to your needs and will define priorities in the learning process to quickly enable you to speak French fluently and be able to interact with French speakers.

07. Quickly identify your weaknesses and correct your mistakes so that you avoid repeating them

You have already learned French previously but no teacher had the opportunity to focus all his or her attention on you. As a result, you may have repeated the same mistakes over and over again because you did not have a private teacher available to identify your specific and recurrent mistakes and provide you with some tailored exercises to address them and help you avoid repeating them endlessly

08. Practise efficient learning strategies to enable you to achieve your goals

You may have encountered the same difficulties many times while learning the French language and feel that you have got stuck at some point in the learning process. Moreover, you may have had no clue how to overcome difficulties and challenges while learning French. Your private teacher has the ability and skills needed to give you very efficient learning strategies and tools to overcome each specific challenge and difficulty that you may encounter during the learning process.

09. Assess your current level and take your French to the next level.

Your private teacher will assess your level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You will be given a very precise idea of your current level in the following four skills : listening, reading, speaking and writing. Then, in collaboration with you, your French teacher can define your priorities and the appropriate means to help you improve each specific skill.

10. Learn about interesting aspects of French culture, discuss similarities and differences between your culture and your teacher's and gain access to fascinating cultural content to help you discover or deepen your knowledge of French culture.

Learning a foreign language doesn't mean learning only grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation since each language is linked to a culture and consequently to a different conception of the world. French culture is a fascinating culture with a long history, worldrenowed gastronomy and vineyards and other very interesting cultural features. Your French teacher will be happy to help you become better acquainted with French culture, habits and customs and to analyse the main cultural differences and similarities between your country of origin and France.



Prices for general French courses

Each regular lesson includes :

  • A private 1 hour French lesson via Skype.
  • About 1 hour of homework corrected by the tutor.
  • Accessibility to your tutor via email in between the lessons for any questions.

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If you cannot commit to a regular weekly time, we will schedule your next lesson date at the end of the lesson. Please note than any cancellation without a 24 hours notice will be charged at full price.


Business French courses / Preparation to DELF/DALF examination

Rates per hour vary depending on your professional needs and sector of intervention. A quote and an invoice will be provided after evaluating the cost of the training. Please contact me for a quote tailored to your specific needs.

Each regular lesson includes :


  • A private 1 hour French lesson via Skype.
  • About 1 hour of homework corrected by the tutor.
  • Accessibility to your tutor via email in between the lessons for any questions.



Testimonials of students at beginner level

Stuart and Geeta McDonnell retired couple from England now living in a small village. France.

« We both loved French life and decided to buy a lovely small house in rural France. After spending our professional lives in England, we wanted to retire and enjoy the ‘good life’ here. The only drawback: our rather basic French vocabulary! We found Olivia through a Google search and we have now completed just over a year of French lessons with Olivia over Skype. Olivia boosts our confidence and is very encouraging. She started at the very beginning by teaching us French vocabulary and progressed from there to grammar and sentence construction. Olivia pitches the lesson exactly to our level and helps us any time we are struggling. Olivia never makes us feel inadequate, but always makes us feel that we are learning and progressing. She has a comprehensive lesson plan and challenges us, with an especial focus on pronouncing words correctly. Olivia makes every lesson enjoyable so they are something we look forward to. Homework is set after each class which helps revise what we have learnt. Olivia is an excellent teacher. The one to one lessons over Skype have taught us so much and boosted our confidence to speak in French. We are very thankful to have such a wonderful French tutor.« 

Leesteffy JENKINS. Ex-international lawyer. Owner of Violette gluten free bakery. Boston . U.S.

« I’ve taken numerous French courses in my life time, but have always struggled to be understood. No matter how much grammar I memorized, when I spoke French to native speakers, they couldn’t recognize it was French! Olivia changed all that for me. She quickly realized how frightened I was to speak because I couldn’t hear the French language properly.
All the nuanced sounds ran together in my ear. Also, I was pronouncing French letters in an English manner, rather than really mastering the French sounds. Olivia worked first to improve my listening skills regarding French and then my pronunciation skills. Now, French people usually understand me–which makes me much more confident in my skills, and more likely to take a greater risk when communicating. I would highly recommend her.
I continue to study with her because she is so good at teaching the French language in a way that works for me. »

Testimonials of students at intermediate level

 Olga Kalinova. IT consultant. Brussels. Belgium

« My name is Olga, i’m Russian and I have been studying French with Olivia for about 2 years, one private lesson per week via Skype. I find that it’s a perfect way to improve my level without spending too much time but doing it regulary. Such approach allows me to keep balance between fulltime work and family and in the same time to achieve my goals in French. Each lesson is very interesting and highly personalised. Olivia is very flexible and can adapt her explanations or examples to all levels of students, if I know a subject Olivia is able to switch to the next level immediatly and vice versa, that allows us to keep each lesson very efficient. Besides grammatical or vocabulary issues we have studied with Olivia French business culture adapted to my personal requirements: how to write a business letter, how to do a presentation in french for my topics, description of financial diagrams, job interviews, etc. I know that such information i couldn’t find in any french textbook. Olivia is very positive, open-minded and enthusiastic person. I do believe that you will have a real pleasure if you choose her as your teacher. »

Mette BOYSEN. Supply chain director. Copenhagen. Denmark.

« I have had lessons with Olivia for nearly a year. The lessons are personalized and take their starting point in where I am, what I need and what I am interested in. This way I have improved my French speaking and my grammar considerably, and I have definitely increased my vocabulary. Always fun and not even the grammar is boring. »

Kate PHILIP. Development Consultant. Johannesburg. South Africa.

« Skype lessons with Olivia are very effective. She plans the lessons in response to your own needs and level of proficiency, and builds your knowledge – and your confidence – from there. For me, an hour a week of interacting in French has hugely improved my ability to hold a conversation and to express my thoughts and ideas. And I love the fact that with skype, it’s as if I’m having my French lesson in France! » 

Testimonials of students at advanced level

Gary Strickland, anatomopathologist, California, USA.

« I have had an interest in France for over 10 years, and began my Skype lessons with Olivia almost two years ago. Her lessons have greatly improved my speaking ability, and on our last trip to France I was able to manage most casual encounters with confidence, and I was able to have simple conversations for the first time. The strength of Olivia’s lessons lies not only in her secure knowledge of french grammar, but also in her recognition of the importance of learning about French culture. She is enthusiastic about developing lessons around french cultural themes such as painting, gastronomy, or french humor, providing a natural way of expanding vocabulary and speaking ability. Olivia also understands the difficulties of english speakers learning french, and quickly identifies the particular problems we have as english-speaking students. And Olivia’s personal qualities of patience, humor, generosity, and interest in my progress have always impressed me and made me feel welcome. In sum, I highly recommend Olivia’s lessons for their elevated level of professionalism, strong appreciation of cultural relevance, and sincere interest in her students. »

Antonio D.M. Locally-recruited United Nations staff member. Italy.

« I am a locally-recruited United Nations staff member in Italy and I needed to improve my French in order to improve my career prospects. After a year of self-study, I decided to register for the UNLPE, the official UN language proficiency examination, but I needed someone who, in a very short amount of time, might help me to improve my speaking fluency and my writing style.
I have to say that Olivia’s lessons have been extremely useful: even though I still make a few mistakes and I go on mispronouncing a few words, after her lessons I am dramatically more proficient than before: I can speak French in a confident and relaxed manner, and I have passed the exams with excellent results!
Last but not least, Olivia is a very nice person, with a real passion for her job and a great sense of humour.
In short, having her as a teacher has been an honour and a privilege. »

Laura Fau, P.R manager, Paris, France.


« If you want to improve your French fast, I highly recommend Olivia. She tailors her lessons exactly to your needs so you can quickly make progress and provides clear explanations of even the most complicated grammar points. A true professional and good value for money. »